Homeless Shelter and Housing Options


List of homeless shelters and housing options in Lakewood

The Homeless Assistant provides homeless shelter and housing option listings in the United States. Most shelters and homeless services will be completely free of charge. Some may charge small fees. You should always call first to find out if the shelter has vacanies and whether it’s a suitable option for your current situation.

Aids Housing Council Of Greater Cleveland Cleveland

1413 W 80th St

Cleveland, OH 44102

Catholic Charities Health And Human Services Cleveland

7911 Detroit Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102

Catholic Charities Housing Corporation Cleveland

7911 Detroit Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102

Emerald Development And Economic Network, Inc. Cleveland

7812 Madison Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102

Foundation For Housing Assistance Lakewood

1387 Marlowe Ave - Ste 12

Lakewood, OH 44107

Lakewood Christian Service Center Lakewood

1412 Marlowe Ave

Lakewood, OH 44107

Reuter Foundation Cleveland

7700 Clinton Rd

Cleveland, OH 44144