Homeless Shelter and Housing Options


List of homeless shelters and housing options in Bangor

The Homeless Assistant provides homeless shelter and housing option listings in the United States. Most shelters and homeless services will be completely free of charge. Some may charge small fees. You should always call first to find out if the shelter has vacanies and whether it’s a suitable option for your current situation.

Bangor Housing Commission Bangor

820 2nd Street

Bangor, MI 49013

Covert Public Housing Commission Covert

73860 E. Lake St

Covert, MI 49043

Paw Paw Housing Commission Paw Paw

205 Miller Court

Paw Paw, MI 49079

South Haven Housing Commission South Haven

220 Broadway Street

South Haven, MI 49090

Sylvia's Place Domestic Violence Shelter and Assistance

P.O. Box 13
(616) 673-8700

Allegan, MI 49010

Telamon Corporation Paw Paw

32849 Red Arrow Highway

Paw Paw, MI